Canterbury Rampage Si Hard Toe Rugby Boots – Black/Silver/Red.

Canterbury Mid Rampage Si Hard Toe Rugby Boots

Canterbury Mid Rampage Si Hard Toe Rugby Boots

Our featured boots today are the Canterbury Rampage the the sales blurb for them says (quote) Rampage boots are designed for the heaviest and strongest players in the game, these are the players that can create the biggest forces. So whether it’s Andrew Sheridan, Victor Matfield, Rob Sidoli or Craig Smith, when these guys get moving, make sure you’re not in the way.(end quote) We liked this as it gives the flavour of hairy forwards pummiling the life out of the boots and so far the players we have talked to who bought the Rampage have found them robust, comfortable and with a solid feel even on soft ground. This is probably why the Rampage is one of the top selling boots at all levels.

Buy Canterbury Rampage Si Hard Toe Rugby Boots

Rampage boots are wider than standard boots and incorporate a unique 9 stud outsole system for extra grip. This makes them the boot of choice for many of the elite players particularly the forwards. The Rampage have synthetic uppers with a hard toe, multi-facet strap and web support system with TPU outsole and TPU aluminium studs. With the profile: Strength/Stability/Durability.

Key Points

* Synthetic upper with hard toe.
* Multi-facet strap and web support system.
* Moulded TPR – Non-deformable
* Hydrophobic mesh – Non-absorbent
* Die cut EVA sock liner.
* 2 density TPR insole board.
* TPU outsole.
* TPU/Aluminium studs.
* Fitting Type: Wide

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