Canterbury Touch Rugby Boots

The Canterbury Touch rugby boot is a Touch Rugby specific boot which is light and durable and is perfect for hard natural surfaces. The Touch boasts a redefined soleplate which uses a combination of several blades which do great work firm ground surfaces. That combined with several lightweight synthetic upper materials this is a good option for any touch rugby player.

Canterbury Touch Tech Specs

Designed to be much lighter than the Canterbury rugby boots the Touch will provide you with a comfortable, lightweight and durable feel and fit. The forefoot uses a super soft synthetic material which wraps your toes perfectly while a lightweight mesh material spans the midfoot and a stronger synthetic spans the heel and ankle region for the ultimate combination of synthetic materials.

Featuring a soleplate which is designed to pivot and grip the ground quicker than ever before the Touch is a delightful option for the rugby player who does'nt want a heavy and bulky rugby boot.