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v-Konstrukt III Rugby Boots Latest News

January, 2010 in Puma v-Konstrukt

Well time to give an update on the v-Konstrukt III Rugby boots and how they are fairing. The last report was at the end of October and they were working well. They had a rest in November and December without any airings. Then January we had the snow, but at last they got out on […]

v-Konstrukt III Rugby Boots up-date

October, 2009 in Puma v-Konstrukt

It is amazing how time flies. It only seems like yesterday the season started and we were on firm grounds. Now we are into October and been out in downpours. I promised to let you know how my Puma v-Konstrukt III boots have performed to date. So here goes. During September they had three run-outs […]

v-Konstrukt III report

March, 2009 in Puma v-Konstrukt

Well, I have worn the v-Konstrukt III boots a couple of times and must say they are very comfortable, light and easy to run with. The ankle support with the solid heel is superb if a little strange at first, there being no give and collapse on impact or side movement. The traction is excellent […]

My first Puma v-Konstrukt III Boots

February, 2009 in Puma v-Konstrukt

Well I placed my first order through the site and right on time my new pair of Puma v-Konstrukt III boots arrived. As you can see I tried them on and the first thing i noticed is what a snug fit they are. Puma v-Konstrukt III’s have a Solid Base First impressions are that they […]

v-konstrukt III boot from Puma

January, 2009 in Puma v-Konstrukt

So it is here at last the latest addition to the Puma range and the boot everyone’s talking about, the PUMA v-Konstrukt III Rugby boot in Black/Yellow/White. PUMA reckon they have triumphed through their development of defence technology, resulting in assertive protection and uncompromising performance for all player’s who use the boots. This sleek, modern […]