Rugby is an incredibly technical game, which at face value can appear quite complicated. But quality coaching can make it seem far simpler, and it is essential that those who are new to the game receive the right coaching when it comes to learning the basic, core skills. Of equal importance is the man or woman with the whistle, the referee. A rugby referee must have a thorough understanding of every aspect of the game, no small feat when you consider the intricacies of facets of the game including the scrum and the breakdown.

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  • Coaching Rugby
    Put me in Coach! - Life as a rugby coach... A forum for sharing ideas, coaching styles, coaching philosophies, etc.
  • Confessions of a Rugby Referee
    Big Dai is a Level 10+1 Rugby Union referee for the London Society. After playing for many years in the Social side of a leading national club, he started refereeing a few seasons ago. He recounts his adventures trooping around South West London to give the ungrateful a game of weekend rugby.