Best Rugby Boots for a Flanker

Agile and fit with a passion for tackling, Flankers are often the 'star' players in a rugby side, with their ability to 'turn the ball over' and their high workrate on defence frequently determining the outcome of a match. The fittest men on the paddock, the Flankers must possess both the speed to be the first one to the breakdown, and the raw physciality to wrestle for the ball when they get there.

Flankers require a boot which balances traction and grip with a lightweight finish. While pushing in the scrum and explosively taking off to chase the ball require a solid platform, the footwear must also reflect the fact that these are the players who travel the most miles during a game, and who simply must be able to call on their top-end speed at the drop of a hat.

Here are some of the best boots currently on the market for Flankers -

adidas FF80 – Designed specifically for loose-forwards the key feature of the FF80 is the fifth stud at the front of the boot, positioned directly where flankers place the most pressure when scrummaging, driving and tackling. The lightweight Singmax upper provides the perfect balance between speed and strength, whilst the gradual heel rise results in a dynamic foot position.

Asics Lethal Scrum – A synthetic upper and EVA cushioning make the Lethal Scrum exceedingly comfortable, while the eight-stud configuration provides optimal grip on a wide range of surfaces. Providing support and protection the Lethal Scrum is a classic boot with a proven track record at the highest level of the game.

adidas R15 – A classic look on an innovative boot, the R15 was developed with input from the likes of James Haskell, Jerome Kaino and Richie McCaw. A ground-breaking stud and a one-piece outsole were used to help decrease the overall weight of the boot, while a synthetic print on the heel enhances the fit. With the FF80 taking as the number one adidas boot for flankers the RS7 provides players in that position with another option on te market.

There are further options but we hope this list gives you a good choice both in ideal and price. Whatever you chose please drop us a note and tell us how you get on with them good or bad!!

We had a question from Lewis an openside flanker about what would be his best boot.

Lewis told us that he is light and fast but suffers from twisted ankles. There is no doubt that top flankers need to be able to change direction quickly and frequently during a game and this puts a lot of strain on the ankles, making it paramount that they have a boot offering support. The majority of modern boots like football boots have little or no ankle support or protection and so it is tricky to find the ideal boot. Price can also be an issue, especially for youngsters who are growing and can quickly grow out of their current boot size.