Gilbert rugby boots

There is a wide range of Gilbert rugby boots on offer, below are nine of the best we recommend for you to use for your game, take a look and find the best for your position.

Gilbert was founded by William Gilbert (1799-1877) who was the boot and shoe maker to Rugby School. He operated from a small shop in the town at 19, High Street which was later acquired by Grays as a sports shop and still operates to this day.

Gilbert is rugby

Gilbert became best known for their range of Rugby balls, still probably the most well known item under the Gilbert name and the boots side of the business though still important perhaps took a back seat. The group now comprises Grays, Steeden and Gilbert and has a vast range of team wear for many sports part of which is the strong brand of Rugby Boots for both Union and League. All their Boots conform to the IRB regulations appertaining to boots and studs.

Brand names

The Gilbert range is very diverse offering a wide choice which should provide a boot to suit all types of player: Sidestep X2 Hi Boots ideal for forwards with hard toe and high ankle support. Sidestep X2 Lo Boots ideal for backs without the high ankle support or hard toe making them lighter and more flexible.

Synergie Elite Boots ideal for professional or elite players a low cut boot which is lightweight. Viper Pro another low profile boot used by professional and elite players, Saracen a low cut boot in soft synthetic leather for players at all levels. Vanguard yet another low profile boot aimed at professional and elite players Vengeance Mid HT durable boots for forwards ideal for elite forwardsand all users.