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XTB Rugby Boots

Kooga added the XTB boot to their range for the 2012/13 season and these boots joined the revamped range of EVX, FTX, CS, VXS, R10 and K-type. Bringing the list to seven options. The XTB comes as Classic and Nuevo.


The XTB range of boot has synthetic textured PU uppers with a low cut and soft toe. It has a new style tongue incorporating D30 technical impact absorbtion material giving dorsal protection, this means if you get trampelled over in a ruck, you feet should survive. There is no no flip over tongue on the XTB but you don't need that protection on the top of your foot with the D3O already there.

The XTB is a lighter boot with external pre-moulded heel counter. ISO Quad grip to insole and high tensile stitching that gives the boots enhanced sole adhesion, providing an optimum fit for both contour and stability. Last but by no means least they have new clear sniper mixed six removable and moulded studs, giving you the best of both worlds from the two different soles for superior traction. The traditional classic colourway is black/orange and for the very brave the Nuevo is; Pink/Yellow, which if you wear those will mean that the opposition will likely test out how good the D3O protection is!

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