Le Coq Sportif rugby boots

The label started life in 1948 not long after the war, when a Parisian wholesaler put a label into their sportswear which read Bonneterie Sportive Romillonne or in english Sportswear made in Romilly. The logo was a sketch of a rooster. In these early days the companies major claim to fame became their sports socks for rugby, football etc, with no stitching and elastic threads. So the age of Le Coq Sportiff and sports footwear was born.

Camuset and LeCoq

The 1950's and 60's saw the company expand into tracksuits and football jerseys, trading still under the name of Camuset, the companies founder. By the late 50's they were exibiting at major trade shows such as the Versailles trade show. The company was also the supplier to the French Olympic team for the 17th Olympiades 1960, held in Rome.Following this sucess, the company continued its expansion into most of the sporting teams in France, including tennis and cycling. The business is still known far better in the football world sponsoring many well known names such as Manchester City, Sheffield United, Hibernian and the Algeria national team. They are less well known in rugby and have a small range of boots, with their range being Favourite and Puncher. Puncher being sponsored by Frederic Michalak.

Le Coq Sportif Boots

Favourite 2 and Puncher 2 Rugby Boots the french brand have taken the quality of rugby boots to a whole new level with their Pebax Polymer technology that is designed for the top professionals such as Frederic Michalec. The boots which are 10-20% lighter than those made from traditional materials has a major impact resistance and comfort, whatever the conditions of play may be. Comfort Pebax® absorbs impact and vibrations, which heightens the feeling of comfort. The reduced thickness of the sole (20% thinner than with a traditional material) also increases the feeling of suppleness.