Best Rugby Boots for a 2nd Rower

The 'tall timber' in any rugby side, the locks are burdened with the task of winning ball at lineout time and at kickoffs. While height is a pre-requisitie these players must also be strong, agile and co-ordinated, with sound ball skills and the ability to make an impact in the contact area.

As much as second-rowers are picked because of their ability to jump and catch, they also play a vital role in the scrums, pushing behind the Props and having a huge influence on the power their forward pack is able to produce. To that end Locks require boots which provide superior traction, not only for explosively leaping from the ground to snare a throw, but also for engaging in the grunt work in the scrum.

adidas FF80 – Featuring a unique seven-stud configuration, adidas' FF80 was designed and developed with an emphasis on traction and grip. The lightweight finish sacrifices nothing when it comes to protection of the foot, while the pre-moulded EVA sockliner and the 5mm heel-wedge contribute to added stability and comfort.

Kooga XTB – Numerous technological innovations, including the ISOquad grip on the insole and the D30 impact absorption on the tonque have conspired to create a boot which is inherently comfortable. Light enough to ensure mobility is never compromise yet offering ample protection, the Kooga XTB is an ideal boot for second-rowers.

Mizuno Wave Samurai – Created from soft K-Leather and with attention to detail evident in the padded collar, the Wave Samurai is as comfortable as it is durable. Six studs at the front and two at the back provide the traction needed to explode into the air, whilst the lightweight finish ensures the modern-day lock can still get around the paddock.

Puma Esito Finale – Combining support with comfort the superior fit of the Esito Finale lends its wearer confidence, while durable synthetic leather provides protection and longevity. The fold-over tongue provides further protection, and the Duo-Flex tehnology in the sole, coupled with eight strategically positioned studs, enhances the ability to explode in to action and drive from the ground at a moment's notice.

Locks also known as Second Row

The Lock who is also called a Second Row (2nd row) is the powerhouse of the scrum and as the name implies locks the front row of props and hooker tightly together.
Locks are usually the bigger guys on the field using leg drive to push the scrum forward and being athletic jumping in the lineout to secure the ball, or from the restarts to catch the kick-off. Locks as big guys are used in the open to run the ball up in contact and as such need to able to run with the ball in hand and protect it.

Boots for Locks

As with the Props, the Lock needs a boot that is strong to withstand the forces of pushing in the scrum as well as driving off the ground when jumping in the line-out or to catch a kick-off. The boot also needs to give good ankle support.