Mitre rugby boots

Mitre are a British manufacturer who started life in 1817 in Huddersfield where they made footballs and rugby balls. They are still the supplier of footballs to the FA and many world wide organisations. From these beginnings and having worked leather it was natural that they should move into producing boots. The company now produces a variety of equipment for all major sports but is probably still best known for balls. Mitre are also the supplier of balls to the Italian National sides and the Top 10 Italian Rugby League. In 2008 they signed Luke McAlister to be the figure head of their rugby range.

Mitre rugby

Mitre rugby boots which have been manufactured since the early 1980's are worn by more than just Luke McAlister, as a couple of big South Africans in Albert Van Den Berg and Johann Muller use them as well as names such as Peter Bracken and Kevin Morgan, plus a couple of names that you may hear of soon are Aaron Liffchak and Tom Homer. Bit it professional or amateur and union or league there will be a boot to suit your needs.

Mitre boots

There are three styles in the Mitre range and they are: Intercept a boot designed for rugby players with a wider and deeper fit, with synthetic uppers and soft toe. Swarm another Mitre wider and deeper fit boot with synthetic uppers and screw in studes. Italia II the blackwith white Italia is a mid height long studded boot with hard toes and fine grain synthetic uppers.