Mizuno rugby boots

Below are four of the most common and most popular Mizuno made boots on the market, you'll find Mizuno being worn by the likes of Nick Kennedy, a lock who plays for London Irish and England.

Mizuno were founded in 1906, in Osaka Japan by Rihachi Mizuno and his younger brother Rizo as Mizuno Brothers Ltd as a shop selling western sporting merchandise. The business grew and moved into manufacturing predominantly in the popular sport of baseball gradually they branched out, first into golf, then skiing until today they cover most sports.

Mizuno japanese supplier

Mizuno are thus a major Japanese sports goods supplier who have Rugby Boots as one of their product ranges. Hence they develop the rugby product in tandem with football boots and general running shoes so although the product development is extensive it is not limited to Rugby specialisation.

Mitre boots

There are three styles in the Mitre range and they are: Intercept a boot designed for rugby players with a wider and deeper fit, with synthetic uppers and soft toe. Swarm another Mitre wider and deeper fit boot with synthetic uppers and screw in studes. Italia II the blackwith white Italia is a mid height long studded boot with hard toes and fine grain synthetic uppers.