nomis rugby boots

Nomis's rise has been phenomenal. The design of football boots has definitely evolved since the first cleated shoes and the launch of Nomis can only help further the evolution. Nomis founder Simon Skirrow created his vision for his new brand after working with some brilliant shoe designers in the 1980s and 1990s, and being frustrated with the latest football boot innovations. He spent over nine months working in secrecy to develop Control Technology then moved to Australia. It was here that the first Nomis prototypes were designed and four years later, the first Nomis boot samples were created. The next thing was to find which leathers were most appropriate, and how the various leathers would best react to the Nomis technologies. Simon eventually decided to focus on the use of kangaroo and bovine leathers. This selection meant that the leathers would have the degree of stretch, water absorption and abrasion resistance that he was looking for. Nomis are worn by professional players in both League and Union such as Lesley Vainokolo, & Great Britain captain Jamie Peacock.

Nomis soles

Nomis have three sole types used for different surfaces they are: Turf FG dry and wet turf, Turf SG deeper and wet turf and Turf HG dry and artificial turf . The firm ground have studs designed to increase traction and boot grip in forward movement, with a wider stud position which improves pressure dispersion on the feet, improving comfort and stability of the foot. Semi-curved studs allow for the foots natural turn. Finally dual density outsole providing improved flexibility, stability and comfort. The soft ground sole plate has been manufactured to increase comfort, and improve stability and movement, as a result reducing stud pressure and risk of injury. It has a 6 stud forefoot ensuring better stability on landing with wider stud design and position substantially reducing pressure on the feet. The two stud heel increases freedom of movement and supports quick turns, these soles also can take interchangeable studs.

Nomis boots and patented technology

Following all the development work completed by Simon Skirrow and his team Nomis have three patented technologies: WET CONTROL TECHNOLOGY That means: instead of losing grip, you gain even more! Provides excellent ball grip in the wet, prevents the aquaplaning effect during ball contact, ensures that the boot absorbs less moisture, prevents the boot from becoming hard, uncomfortable and heavy. Actually increases friction between ball and boot when wet. DUAL CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Provides excellent grip on the ball in wet and dry conditions, ensures excellent ball grip in dry conditions, enables higher wear comfort thanks to soft, breathable leather and makes cleaning easier, just wipe with a moist cloth no dubbing necessary. NOMUD TECHNOLOGY Is an innovative development of the outer sole whereby less mud, grass and dirt accumulates during a normal game, maintains excellent ground grip and ensures that the boot stays wonderfully light.