Optimum Rugby Boots

Optimum Design (UK) Ltd were set up in 1997 in Wigan, Greater Manchester making it one of the youngest of the companies manufacturing and supplying into the niche market in protective gear for rugby players, also in their range are balls, equipment, active wear, skins and of course boots. Although they are a relative newcomer they also trade in USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, and some parts of Europe.

As far as Rugby boots from Optimum is concerned, the list of silos include Viper, Razor, and Tribal, with Junior sizes available for each silo. All of the silos feature an 8 metal stud SG outsole. The Viper's upper is synthetic, while that of the Razor and Tribal is leather, with the Tribal having additional water-resistant properties. The viper costs £43.99, and the Razor and Tribal both priced at £32.99. The Junior sizes of the Viper, Razor, and Tribal cost £32.99, £27.99, and £24.99.