Best Rugby Boots for Props

The big guys; the strong men; the enforcers! It's often said that a game of Rugby is won and lost up front, and that age-old statement refers primarily to the battle of the props. The Props are the men that engage in the most primal of battles on the rugby field – shunting into each other with huge impact, then driving forward in an attempt to push the opposition scrum back.

As much as the role of the Prop has evolved in the modern game their core responsbilities remain the same – the must set a solid platform in the scrum and explosively lift their line-out forwards when the ball is thrown in. To that end a Prop looks for boots which provide ultimate traction for pushing and driving, support round their ankles, and protection across the fore-foot.

Here are some of the best boots currently on the market for Props -

adidas Kakari – Developed by adidas specifically for tight-frowards the Kakari immediately became the boot of choice for the world's leading props. Six studs at the front and two at the back provide optimal traction when pushing in the scrums, while the robust construction ensures optimal support and protection round the ankles. Durable Bravo synthetic leather is both hard-wearing and provides protection across the top of the foot, ensuring the Kakari is the ultimate when going in to battle up front!

Puma evoPOWER – With 11 Studs (7 at the front, 4 at the back) the Puma evoPOWER is a popular choice amongst some of the game's leading props. Comfortable padding around the heel and the collar also increases support, vital given the stresses placed on the lower limbs when driving in the scrum or lifting in a lineout. The Gradual Stability Frame soleplate with strategically positioned removable studs provides an ideal platform for the explosive power a prop needs to release throughouout a game.

Mizuno Timaru – A classic boot with a proven track record, the Mizuno Timaru has a proud history amongst the world's elite front-rowers. The reinforced midsole is the secret weapon, enhancing the stability of the boot, whislt the 8-stud configuration provides optimal traction. A durable full-grain leather upper ensures ultimate comfort.

Asics Warno – Made from ultra-soft kangaroo leather the Asics Warno is as comfortable as it is hard-wearing. The 10mm heel gradient reduces the risk of injury and enhances stability, whilst an innovative soleplate, featuring 8 removable studs and 2 strategically positioned moulded hybrid studs creates the perfect platform for powerfully driving forward in scrums and mauls.

What Boots for Props

There are two types of prop, loose and tight head and they use slightly different techniques in the scrum. Both need to be strong in the neck, shoulders, upper body and legs to withstand the pressures. In line-outs for adult rugby they need to be able to support or lift the jumper, all this requires dynamic strength.

The Prop as the name implies is the contact point between the opposing teams and as such supports the Hooker and the rest of the scrum. This means that he will through his technique and strength control the impact and then the drive as the ball is moved back through the scrum.