Puma H8 Rugby Boots

Specifically engineered for the rugby players of the sporting world, Puma's evoPOWER H8 poses as one of the most durable and supportive boots on the market whilst integrating a performance enhancing sole plate using eight soft ground rugby studs for added stability and traction. The evoPOWER H8 allows for players to opt for their preferred upper material due to Puma offering the boot in either a leather or synthetic finish.

evoPOWER H8 - Rugby Specific Boots

Whilst the traditional leather version of the Puma H8 will optimise the comfort levels and offer a traditional fit for the player, a weight of 330grams for a UK size 8 poses as one of the heavier boots on the market however the alternative synthetic upper tips the scales at a decreased 299grams giving the choice of a lightweight feel or comfortable ride.

Kids evoPOWER H8 rugby boots

The innovative eight stud sole plate, with six at the forefoot, is composed to offer players a greater level of traction and grip on natural surfaces compared to the traditionally seen four stud configuration. Players within the forward pack would suit the H8 sole plate due to the excessive force when driving the scrum forward or breaking away rapidly.

If a higher level of rugby player is looking for an elite level boot which uses top grade materials, Puma's football boots such as the evoPOWER 1.2 or evoSPEED 1.4 showcase as an increased quality product which feature modernistic technologies to create a comfortable and lightweight silo.

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