Rugby supporters and fans are a passionate bunch, and, along with craving the very latest news and information, they're always keen to make their own opinions heard, ensuring there is no shortage of thought-provoking blog sites to be found online. From prominent playrs and coaches to ardent, often one-eyed supporters, everyone has an opinion on the diverse sport which is rugby, and you can read it all from the comfrot of your own home.

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  • Front Row Grunt
    Rugby … with cauliflower ears
  • Rugby Junky | A Rugby Union News Mashup Searching, sifting and mashing news feeds from over 500 different sources around the world to serve you up the latest Rugby Union News in easy to digest streams. | Same Stories, Different Points of
  • Rugby Links
    All the latest news and views from New Zealand, the Southern Hemisphere, and much, much more
  • Rugby Onslaught
    Becuase being ill-informed shouldn't stop you writing about rugby!
  • Rugby Sidestep
    Skills and thrills : field, rules, positions, play!
  • Rugby Wrap Up
    Rugby related News and Information
  • The Compulsive Hooker
    Idle thoughts about cricket, rugby and other trivialities (by Bradders)