Wide Fit Boots For Rugby Players

Quite often players will require a wide fitting boot, this means you can avoid boots that are too long for your feet, just to get the right boots. Better fitting boots, means a better player. We've put together below some of the boots available that have a wide fit, they some good boots for forwards to wear, so they'll give you decent performance in the scrum, ruck or maul.

Sniper Sonic Elite Wide Fit FG Sniper Sonic Elite Wide Fit FG
Cost: £70.00
Lovell Rugby

Wide Rugby Boots

If you are looking for a widing fitting rugby boot, then these will be right for you. Typically they'll be adidas regulate or flanker boots, both designed with forwards in mind. They'll be tough robust boots, with reinforced uppers, they'll last a little longer, even if you are constantly getting stuck in.