adidas Absolado Boot Test & Review

The Absoldao is adidas’ more cost-effective version of the Predator Incurza, and we recently took them for a test run, to see how they compare to the more expensive model.

The boots were comfortable from the moment we put them on, and we experienced very little of the discomfort which one normally associates with a new pair of boots.  The large surface area, thanks to the off-centre lacing system, gave us confidence when kicking out of hand, and we found we generated power and accuracy each time we punted the ball.

We also found the Absolado fantastic for goal-kicking, with the added power allowing us to successfully knock over kicks from a relatively long way out.

Even though we were wearing the Soft-Ground version of the boots of what was a fairly hard surface we still found the boots to be very comfortable, with no blistering afterwards, and we felt the mix of moulded and removable studs provided great traction and allowed us to accelerate and change direction with ease.

The one-piece sole added stability to the boot, and we’re sure will also add durability and longevity to the boot, yet there was still flexibility in the sole. All round, our initial feelings were that the Absolado represented wonderful value for money.


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