Adidas Kakari Rugby Boots

As rugby forwards literally lock head and shoulders with the opposition and muscle their way to each other using brute strength, the amount of force required to be generated from their lower extremities is staggering. And this is where the Adidas Kakari Z.0 comes into the picture. Great for forwards like Mauro Itoje and Mako Vunipola, the Adidas Kakari Z.0 is the perfect light armour for the tanks of the rugby game.

Adidas Kakari Z.0 Rugby Boots

The physical demand from rugby's locks, props, and hookers is off the charts as they constantly grind their feet against the ground to generate the force needed during scrums, making it certain that less durable boots will tear and burst out off their feet. With that said, a strong synthetic leather overlay covers up the upper,allowing the wearer could grind it out all day to win those physical battles and need not worry about his boots ripping apart. In spite of all the focus though on durability, the fact that the base material of the upper is textile mesh and that the overlay attaches well to its surface means that the boot is light and that the upper is flexible.

The instep up to the medial side has oblong-shaped micro texturing to add some grip capabality to the new Kakari.

Adidas goes modern on the outsole with split soleplate construction with cored out centres, leaving the rest to form along the edges and creating a U shape in the process. Its eight metal studs has support from a moulded bladed stud right in the middle of the forefoot to add a little bit of traction. The heel counter is raised to always get the forward ready for the scrums.

Kakari Elite and Kakari Soft Ground

Adidas has takedown models for those who are looking for more affordable options but desiring the vibe of the top of the line Kakari Z.0. The plain Kakari SG no longer has the textile base. It instead goes full synthetic leather on the upper with a honeycomb aesthetic on the surface to mirror the look of the top-end model.

The higher takedown model Kakari Elite, on the other hand, is synthetic leather on the forefoot up to the midfoot, and textile on the rear. It also retains the split sole construction of the Kakari Z.0.

Those looking for children's boots should look at these below:

Kids Kakari Soft Ground

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