Adidas miCoach Speed Cell

During 2011 Adidas introduced into some of their football boots and trainers speed cells. These came in two versions the first for use with PC's or Mac's and the second for use with iPod and iPhone.

Early in 2012 Adidas made the cells available for rugby boots. The first to carry them was the R15 and they will spread out through the range during the of the course of time.

What does the miCoach do?

The miCoach uses the lates GPS technology to track your movement around the pitch during games and the training area it can also be fitted into trainers for those training runs and any other games you may want to track your movement from. The memory is capable of storing data for up to 7 or 8 hours and this can then be downloaded to your chosen equipment.

Once you have downloaded you can then see how quick you have been and how much work you have done in comparison to others in the team.

The adidas miCoach range

miCoach Speed Cells come in two types. Either the Speed Cell for PC and Mac or the Speed Cell for iPod and iPhone. They measure speed in all 2D directions. Have wireless connection for data transfer and on-board memory that will store all measurement data for up to eight hours activity. The miCoach is unique to Adidas and fits a range of their boots and trainers.