Close-up with the adidas Regulate Kakari SG Boots

We recently got our hands on a pair of the adidas Regulate Kakari, the take-down version of the elite Kakari worn by forwards around the world, including the entire All Blacks’ tight-five.


Designed specifically for tight-forwards the Regulate Kakari is a robust, durable boot produced in an extra-wide fit, with comfort enhanced by the centralised lacing system.


Outside of the wide fit, which helps create a solid platform, the stand-out features are underneath the boot, where six removable studs at the front and two at the back were conceived with explosive driving and dynamic jumping in mind.


Between the middle two studs at the front is a moulded blade, which enhances grip when scrummaging, increasing power and stability in the process.


Despite being the ‘economy’ version of the Kakari the Regulate still features adidas’ miCoach technology, enabling players to monitor key performance indicators such as speed, distance, and intensity levels, providing invaluable feedback to those who are serious about their rugby.


The Regulate Kakari is currently available in two striking colourways – black with red and white highlights, or white with black and red.


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