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adidas Regulate Rugby Boots

Regulate Rugby Boots are made by adidas and are said to be a good boot for forwards. The Low IV wide fit soft ground version was worn by many All Blacks forwards and although not the latest issued product is still available and good value. Offering excellent grip in the scrum with an eight studded outsole and a wide boot for stronger players. We are not so keen on the soft toe but this is a matter of choice for players who are often in ruck and maul. The eight screw in studs give you grip even on very soft natural grounds.

The adidas regulate

Regulate is a series of boots that is no longer in the adidas website but you can still get the series IV. The current version is the series iv and these come in Colour Black/Blue/Silver. We do not think that adidas will continue to develop these boots but we will keep you abreast of any changes, until then we think these are good value boots for forwards giving good traction and support for scrum as well as ruck and maul activites.

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