adidas Rugby Boots

Below you will find the most popular types of adidas boots that are worn for Rugby. Click on a boot to see more about that particular type and the products that are available and reviews of its performance.

The Early Years of adidas

Adidas is founded in the 1920 and is an abbreviation of the firm’s founding fathers name Adi Dassler. The firm has always been a leader in sports footwear with the first training shoes being made in his mothers home where he made handmade leather shoes. Dassler worked with three principals to produce the best shoe to serve the needs of the sport whilst protecting the participant from injury. This product should also be durable. In 1925 he produced his first track and field shoes with hand forged spikes and football boots with nailed studs.

The business really took off in 1927 when with his brother Rudi, Dassler rented a building and set up Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory employing 25 people and producing 100 pairs of shoes a day. 1928 and the firm patented the first running spikes with perfect timing for the Amsterdam Olympics. The first Football Boot with leather outsoles and bar style front and rear peg studs was introduced in 1929. The forerunner to today’s vast selection. The 1930’s saw further progression and they bought the factory they had previously rented. The big news world wide was Jessie Owens wearing Dassler shoes winning 4 Gold medals and setting 5 World Records. The decade ends with Dassler having a range of 30 different shoes fro 11 sports and the company buying a second factory and increasing output to 100 shoes a day.

Modern Boots and Technology

The 50’s were a time of major change as the company pioneered changes in football boot design, such as the use of new leathers like Kangaroo and bought in new materials for soles such as Nylon. The 60’s saw moves into clothing and balls plus for the first time the addition of the now iconic three stripes. The 70’s and the Trefoil Logo was introduced as an additional trademark. Through the last years of the 1900’s the company continued to innovate and 1991 saw the launch of the Equipment label for performance enhancing and functional footwear and clothing.

Adidas continues to spend time, money and above all energy on remaining at the forefront of technology and design for sports apparel and particularly Football Boots. This work has a knock on effect with Rugby Boots for both Union and League. Find out more about adidas rugby at their wikipedia lisitng or their official website.

Official Sponsorships

Since 1999, the sportswear manufacturer has been the kit supplier of the All Blacks national rugby union team of New Zealand, where rugby union is considered to be the national sport. Some of the iconic rugby players to be under Adidas’ roster are Jonah Lemu and Ricchie McCaw. Adidas is also the kit supplier of the BNZ Crusaders, holders of the most titles won in the Super Rugby competition, and the Harlequins, a Premiership Rugby team and one of the founding members of the governing body Rugby Football Union.

Current players under Adidas today are Beauden Barrett of the Blues, Danny Cipriani of Gloucester, George Ford of Leicester Tigers, and Handre Pollard of Montepellier.

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