adiPower Kakari 3.0 Electric Rugby Boots

For the 2015 Rugby World Cup, adidas Rugby have updated their rugby boot collection by revealing an all new generation of the adiPower Kakari, the 3.0.

Set to be headlined by Owen Franks and Tony Woodcock, the all new adiPower Kakari is inspired by previous Kakari generations creating the most advanced rugby specific boot for tight-fives.


adidas Rugby have launched the all new Kakari generation as part of their new Electric Pack for the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England which kicks off on the 18th of September when the hosts England take on Fiji. The boot’s design is somewhat bright and will certainly make your feet stand out on the pitch this Summer.


The adiPower Kakari 3.0 is designed for the tight-five, the no-nonsense forward who just likes to get stuck in and it features a Bravo++ synthetic upper which is comortable and combines the benefits of synthetics and leather in one for an overall lighter playing experience.


A padded heal area is vital as it offers added protection while the boot benefits from a 5mm heel raise to help you deliver optimal performance which reduces stress on the body.


The boot is now much lighter than previous generations as it uses a dual density outsole and RPU construction offering optimal support and stability in key areas such as rucking, mauling and scrummaging.


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