Asics Menace

Evading opponents and leaving defences perplexed is surely menacing and that is exactly what the Menace 3 of Asics allow players to do. The Menace is best suited for the speedsters of the game. Together with the Lethal Testimonial 4 IT and the GEL-Lethal Tight Five, the Menace 3 ST is currently being sold under its ‘Move as One’ pack colourway of black and rose gold. The Menace 3 features a classy rose gold upper using a tonal colour for the lightning prints on the forefoot.

Key Points for Menace 3 ST

Central to the Menace 3 ST and some of Asics rugby boot models is the Flytefoam midsole technology composed of the thicker Flytefoam lyte with the thinner Flytefoam propel added on top. The Flytefoam lite is what gives the midsole its lightweightedness and is claimed to be 55% lighter than other midsole technologies in the market. Asics has also added nanofibers to hold down the structure of the foam altogether, allowing the Flytefoam to be long-lasting and also to return to its original shape much faster after use. On the other hand, the Flytefoam propel is the energy-return aspect of the midsole. The propel uses a TPS elastomer with a patented formulation to amplify the spring of each step, thus resulting in enhanced bounce and unrivalled propulsion.

The injected Nylon outsole has a 6 metal stud configuration on a 4x2 placement, providing just enough traction for the sprints and lessening the load of the plate. The studs are 3mm shorter compared to the Testimonial studs. The Menace 3 provides support for the entire heel area with an external heel lock counter that is lower in height relative to the Tight Five. As an Asics boot, the Menace 3 does feature the HG10mm to reduce the strain in the lower extremities. The Menace 3 incorporates Asics GEL technology underneath the back foot for the best shock absorption one could get from a rugby boot, lessening the overall stress of the body caused by the constant grinding and running in a rugby match. The Menace also uses Asics Guidance Line vertical flex groove which bends the shoe sole to mirror the natural bend of the foot during runs, promoting better forefoot flexion among MCP joints and shifting the pressure from the joints to the outsole. Overall, this greatly reduces foot stress and a welcome feature for those who will be running for much of the game time.

The Menace 3 is made of synthetic Teijin material that makes the upper soft and lightweight, unburdening the weight carried by the runners albeit also requiring such players to move out of physical contact as soon as possible to give way to the actual tanks with their more durable boots.