Asics Lethal Testimonial

Providing protection, speed, comfort and traction the Lethal Testimonial benefits from years of biomechanical research and technological advancements and represents a well-rounded, highly effective performance boot. A combination of Kangaroo and synthetic leather provides flexibility and durability, while the 10mm heel wedge lessens stress on the lower limbs.

An innovative midsole and a robust IT outsole promise ultimate stability and optimal traction on a range of natural surfaces. The Lethal Testimonial Indigenous is essentially the same boot, produced in a unique colourway originally designed for Australian Rugby League star Johnathon Thurston.

Drawing on Asics' extensive credentials as manufacturers of top quality running shoes the Testimonial was designed to provide enhanced stability in the heel without compromising flexibility in the midsole. For those who prefer a more conservative-looking boot the black and white colourway is stylish yet traditional, whilst Thurston's personalised colourway brings bright splashes of red and yellow to this high-performance boot.

Key Points for Lethal Testimonial 4 IT L.E.

Central to the Lethal Testimonial 4 IT and some of Asics rugby boot models is the Flytefoam midsole technology composed of the thicker Flytefoam lyte with the thinner Flytefoam propel added on top. The Flytefoam lite is what gives the midsole its lightweightedness and is claimed to be 55% lighter than other midsole technologies in the market. Asics has also added nanofibres to hold down the structure of the foam altogether, allowing the Flytefoam to be long-lasting and also to return to its original shape much faster after use. On the other hand, the Flytefoam propel is the energy-return aspect of the midsole. The propel uses a TPS elastomer with a patented formulation to amplify the spring of each step, thus resulting in enhanced bounce and unrivalled propulsion.

The injection moulded Nylon outsole has an 8x4 stud configuration, with 11 of the studs being windmill shaped while the lone conical stud is in the boundary of the midfoot and forefoot. The studs are a fraction longer and might be too aggressive for harder surfaces.

As an Asics boot, the Lethal Testimonial 4 IT does feature the HG10mm to reduce the strain in the lower extremities. The middle of the external heel counter is also dropped to the base of the achilles, forming a v-shape. What it does is to allow the achilles to sit nicely and freely at the back of the boot while still getting the support of the external heel counter, with such support focused instead on the sides of the achilles.

The Kangaroo leather makes up the entire upper and the said leather material allows the foot to customize the shape and fit of the Testimonial. It also has a fold over tongue that can be used to cover the knot of the laces.