Buy Rugby Boots for New Season

July and August are the right time to get those new boots. We are all just getting fully into the pre-season training and now is the time to be thinking about a pair of new boots. Be they for soft ground or hard, we still need to run in new boots, even with the top quality boots having soft malleable leather or synthetic materials it is still best to run boots in for a couple of weeks before they have to carry you through 80 minutes of rugby.

Buy Rugby Boots

There are plenty of good deals out there for a wide choice of boots. We have had good reports on Asics boots longevity at reasonable prices, whilst the top end Puma boots give great comfort and fit. We have no doubt that many of you have your favourite manufacturer and style. whatever your choice the ideal time to buy is now and make sure you have mouldies for the hard grounds during September and good studs for the soft grounds through the winter months.

Advice on Boots

Look out for our continued articles on the best value for money boots we can find on the market, as well as information on the top range and why it is worth paying extra for the right boots. Please drop us a line if you want to share your experiences or ask about the ideal boot for you.

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