Canterbury Speed Rugby Boots

Speed Infinite Elite is Canterbury’s offering for the backs. The role of back players presents its own set of challenges to the make of rugby boots. Whereas forward rugby boots, more often than not, are forcibly pressed against the ground, back players’ rugby boots are constantly pounded by all the running motions of open play as well as stability challenges during tackles. Canterbury optimizes the Speed Infinite Elite with lightweight materials and an engineered supporting structure to both provide comfort for the entire duration of the match while also being heavy-duty to the extreme rigours of open play.

canterbury speed infinite elite rugby boots



Ultra-lightweight monomesh upper with targeted stitch reinforcement and VAPOSKIN membrane






Soft-ground sole with explosive energy response and lightweight stability from FLIGHTBEAM technology and Pebax Powered® materials



The name speaks for itself as to what to expect when wearing a pair of this Canterbury silo. Combining AI with handcraft techniques, Canterbury strips of weight while maintaining structure and enclosure on its monomesh upper. This is done by having targeted stitching reinforcement and applying the Vaporskin membrane thing overlay on the base material. The choice of having an integrated knitted tongue to form a one-piece upper also helps maintain the boot’s form.

Besides the monomesh upper, Canterbury also extracts the most speed possible out of this silo through the Flightbeam technology on its Pebax-based outsole. Inspired by the wishbone structure, Flightbeam is that Y-shaped stiffener bar on the midfoot that helps give a sense of responsiveness and stability when pushing off the ground.

I am a canterbury speed infinite elite rugby player because…

I am a wide-footed player who happens to be the winger of his team. While there are other speed boot options out there, the Speed Infinite has that relatively wide last that is perfect for my foot shape. And as far as speed boots are concerned, this Canterbury speed boot silo is indeed lightweight, and can maintain as such for the full 80 mins as that Vaporskin membrane helps prevent the monomesh upper from soaking up moist and other elements. Bursting off from a resting or standing position has never been this fun, thanks to that stable platform from FLIGHTBEAM. It’s as if you are pushing off from a hard, flat surface and not from a grassy pitch.

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