Centres Boots

Midfielders, or the Inside and Outside Centres, play a diverse role in the field. The ability to ghost through a gap with grace and guile or hit a support player on the chest with a perfectly placed pass is intertwined with numerous high-intensity, high-impact collisions as these unique athletes wind-up and try to burst through the opposition's defensive line.

Best Boots For Centres

Adidas Predator Malice Control

As long as there are back player roles, the Predator Malice Control would always be present on the pitch. The Malice Control is a certain favourite among the backs because of its lightweight soft ground outsole enhances the agility of wearer to its fullest and its asymmetric lace closure provides an extra striking surface, coupled by striking rubber elements, should there be a need to kick the ball.

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite

A centre can only make those supporting runs if he is wearing a boot that fits well and locks down perfectly his foot. The technologically buffed Nike Tiempo Legend 8 makes these possible with a supportive layer of Quadfit mesh that gently hugs down the foot as soon as motion is started, on top of a Flyknit tunnel construction that makes the Tiempo Legend 8 feel like wearing a sock. The K-leather upper, as expected because of its premium nature and durability, holds down the comfortably holds down the fort of the boot without being rigid and hurtful to the foot.

Puma Ultra

For the quick centre, Puma provides its latest speed boot offering packed with a lightweight MATRXEVO upper made up of polyester and carbon yarns and aramid fibres, all interwoven for a single-piece construction.

A midfielder must boast a range of skills – they are often called on to kick, and must be highly proficient passes. They must be fast enough to run around opponents and strong enough to run over them, all the while fulfilling one of the most important defensive roles on the field. Their boots must be light enough to ensure top-end speed is never sacrificed, must help them kick long and accurately, and must offer optimal traction.

Top centres need robust boots which also can offer similarities to those worn by the wings and fullbacks allowing them to be light on their feet, but also a boot that is good in contact with the ball.