Make Sure you have Firm Ground Boots

Well it is that time of the season again in the northern hemisphere when spring is here and the grounds start to get firm under foot. That pair of boots you have been playing and training in during the winter will now start to cause you foot problems unless you change to a hard or firm ground stud. This often means it is best to have two pairs of boots. Though you can of course just change the studs on some types.

What Rugby Boots Should You Wear For Firm Or Hard Grounds?

We have given you three choices of firm ground boots, though their will be others that might suit your budget. We have only listed the adult versions and if you look in the kids section you will see that these are also offered there.

Whatever your choice you could get a good deal with end of season prices and have your boots broken in ready for the hard grounds at the start of next season.

Some of the best firm ground boot choices:

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