Best Rugby Boots for Flankers

Before we offer suggestions on boots, can we offer some sound advice to help with forwards who need to withstand impact as well as quick direction changes.

* Stay away from Blades for soft ground (we see a lot of players slipping over and having problems with changes of direction).
* Make sure you have boots capable of taking a mixture of studs and then have a set for firm ground and a set for soft ground (cheaper than 2 pairs of boots).
* Be sure to change the studs to suit the conditions do not be lazy and keep the wrong studs in!
* Clean your boots after use and make sure they are treated to keep them soft and pliable. (stiff or mud caked boots do not fit snugly)
* Make sure you are wearing the correct size boots (it is a false economy to keep wearing boots that are too small or big)

Boot recommendations

One of the hardest hitting flankers in the game was Joe Worsley and he along with Pat Sanderson, Kelly Brown, Allister Hogg and Stephen Ferris wore or wear:

Further to this we will offer a range of boots with the prime consideration being ankle support and toe protection for forwards:

There are further options but we hope this list gives you a good choice both in ideal and price. Whatever you chose please drop us a note and tell us how you get on with them good or bad!!

We had a question from Lewis an openside flanker about what would be his best boot.

Lewis told us that he is light and fast but suffers from twisted ankles. There is no doubt that top flankers need to be able to change direction quickly and frequently during a game and this puts a lot of strain on the ankles, making it paramount that they have a boot offering support. The majority of modern boots like football boots have little or no ankle support or protection and so it is tricky to find the ideal boot. Price can also be an issue, especially for youngsters who are growing and can quickly grow out of their current boot size.

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