Flankers Boots

Agile and fit with a passion for tackling, Flankers are often the 'star' players in a rugby side, with their ability to 'turn the ball over' and their high work rate on defence frequently determining the outcome of a match. The fittest men on the paddock, the Flankers must possess both the speed to be the first one to the breakdown, and the raw physicality to wrestle for the ball when they get there.

Best Boots For Flankers

Adidas Predator XP

That needed platform to explosively transition from pushing in the scrum to taking off to chase can be found in the Adidas Predator XP. It has a lightweight knitted upper and nylon outsole that balances its stud configuration with 6 metal studs and additional moulded studs for traction and speed. Its padded ankle protects that part from knocks as well as supports your feints and jinks toward a successful try.

Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Beta

Another option for an explosive platform is what Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Beta brings to a flanker. In the modern era, everything is about a lightweight feel, and with the Morelia Neo 3 Beta, the flanker finds a light comfortable feeling from one of the finest K-leather boot in the market, with the upper's construction providing a sensation that it is gently glued to the foot no matter what. Its external heel counter makes sure the ankle stays stable and in place, ready to burst for the tackle, breakdown, push, or sprint.

Gilbert Kaizen X 3.1 Power

A perfect option for those looking to partner Gilbert's rugby boot technologies of Prozone Wide Fit Last, Pro-gil Footbed, and 8 stud configuration with a fully synthetic upper.

Puma Future 6.1

One of the most comfortable boots in the market is perfect for rugby's work horse in that the boot gets them going by taking good care of his foot. The softness and pliability of knit are the benefits a flanker could expect by wearing the Future 6.1. And whatever his foot shape and size is, the boot is a sure fit because of its wide last in the first place.

Flankers require a boot which balances traction and grip with a lightweight finish. While pushing in the scrum and explosively taking off to chase the ball require a solid platform, the footwear must also reflect the fact that these are the players who travel the most miles during a game, and who simply must be able to call on their top-end speed at the drop of a hat.