Toby Flood Custom World Cup Nike T90 Laser III Boots

Toby Flood has been recalled to the England starting line-up for today’s game against Georgia, look out for the first showing of his custom Nike T90 Laser IIIs. Flood is one of nine changes to an English side that struggled against Argentina, Toby will hope to have more success with his boot than Jonny Wilkinson did in England’s first World Cup 2011 win.

Custom Nike T90 Laser III
Flood Trains in his custom rugby boots

Flood created his own boots using Nike’s ID service and whilst many of his teammates prefer more colourful boots, Flood likes a more traditional pair, there is a little bit of blue at the back where the T90 logo is and a tiny bit of red on the Nike swoosh in his design.

It will be unlikely that Flood will wear the boots throughout the tournament as he says as soon as he loses tension in a pair, when the boot goes too soft and malleable then they aren’t any good for goal kicking. To keep that tension he even wears a size smaller than he would normally have. You can expect though if this new pair are a success for Flood he’ll have Nike express order him some more boots down to New Zealand for the rest of the tournament. First up Georgia and the question has to be how many points will Flood score, not if he will score in them.

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