Fly Half Boots

The men who control the game, who conduct the way the team plays and direct the traffic around them. The fly-half is the player who makes the decisions when his team has the ball; the player who calls the shots and determines whether a conservative approach is called for, or whether it's time for an all-out attack!

Best Boots For A Fly HalF

Nike Phantom GT

A Fly-half needs all the focus he could muster to call the shots accurately and deliver the kicks precisely. On that note, the Nike Phantom Venom Elite enables the Fly-half to focus on his duties by making sure he is comfortable around his foot. The boot does it with the help of the Flyknit upper construction that accommodates foot sizes with extra width. The Generative Texture enhances the accuracy of his kicks by providing enhanced ball grip.

Adidas Predator Malice Control

No discussion of rugby kickers boots can be completed without the Adidas Predator Malice Control. The raised rubber elements on the synthetic leather forefoot and instep add a significant amount of grip on the ball allowing the fly-half to direct its trajectory as he pleases. The knit textile around the midfoot lightens up the boot to make sure the Predator Malice Control does not hold down the performance of the wearer.

Gilbert Kaizen 1.0 KN

The Kaizen 1.0 KN is one of Gilbert's premium offerings and the application of Knitspeed Ultra technology to the upper makes the Kaizen 1.0 KN conform around your foot for the ultimate fit. This ultimate fit and the Pro Touch ribbing texture is key to a Kaizen 1.0 KN fly-half controlling the game through his kicks and movements.

Regardless of whether a Fly-Half takes the shots at goal (in most sides this will be the case) they are always required to kick out of hand. Whether producing clearing kicks from their own 22, strategic kicks to earn territory, or attacking kicks to create scoring opportunities, a Fly-Half's boots must fit perfectly, have a large surface area, offer plenty of traction and possess attributes which enhance their ability to create power and accuracy when putting boot to ball.