Fullback Boots

The custodians at the back, the Fullback directs those in front of him, pointing out defensive weaknesses in the opposition and alerting his team-mates to developing threats. The Fullback is the last line of defence; the player often called upon to put his body on the line to save a try or put boot to ball to relieve pressure for his team.

The fullback often has greater opportunity, time and space to read the game as it unfolds in front of him in attack or defence than the players in front of him. The ability to read the game and to anticipate what happens next is a key quality in a full back.

When attacking he should look to be involved by either being a strike runner (coming from depth into a gap and receiving a ball) or acting as a decoy runner to hold the attention of the defence. The fullback can vary where he comes into the line but should do so at pace. If the ball is kicked into his half, the fullback should look to link up with other players such as his wingers and counter-attack.

In defence, he is often the last line of defence. He should help to organise the defence, as he has a wider vision than most players. If a player makes a break, he should shorten the thinking time of the attacker by moving towards him in a controlled manner, shepherding him towards the touchline. As plays unfold the fullback should move across so he is outside the ball carrier.

Best Boots For A Fullback

Nike Tiempo Legend 8

The premium K-leather both functionally and aesthetically matches the marshal function of a fullback. In the same way that the fullback's realtime field analyses are on point, the Tiempo Legend 8's technological features like the foot-hugging Quadfit mesh and sock-like Flyknit tunnel are well thought.

Puma Ultra 1.1

Be quick in moving into positions with the lightweight Puma Ultra. Its soft and pliable MATRYXEVO upper flexes well with the movement of your foot. It has a thin inner padding to keep your foot comfortable throughout the match.

Asics Menace 3 ST L.E.

This lightweight boot combines a microfibre upper with a nylon outsole for comfort and quality, most especially for firm ground surfaces. Fullbacks can rest easy on their feet thanks to the 10mm heel raise and Flytefoam midsole cushioning system.

A Fullback is also an attacking weapon! Hitting the line at pace, the Fullback must be quick and powerful. The best Fullbacks are inherently reliable on defence, as safe as houses under the high ball, adept at punting the ball, and full of X-factor on the attack. Their boots reflect the nature of their role on the field, which, whether on defence or attack, frequently requires explosive bursts of speed. Their boots must offer traction, the ability to change direction on a dime, and a lightweight finish which ensures nothing detracts from their top-end speed.