Gilbert Kinetica Pro Rugby Boots

Gilbert offers the Kinetica Pro for those ready to power-up their game. It’s designed for players to achieve the ultimate level in power and mobility. With the Kinetica Pro, frontline players have a boot that reinforces their strength above all else. But like all modern rugby boots, it also acknowledges the need to help the bruisers of the game with their movement around the pitch.

What’s in the gilbert kinetica pro

Here’s what’s making up Gilbert’s power boot:

BioFrame8 outsole

Provides the stability required for scrummaging with the dynamic performance required for breaking the line and quick turns or acceleration




mesh upper

Textile-based with thin PU overlay; Sock-like fit to maximise comfort; Has built in strap system helps to lock your foot in place




Wide fit and heel raise

Specialist rugby boot features that help give more power to the guys at the front

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