Mid/High Height Boots For Rugby Players

Below you will find some High Cut and mid height rugby boots that are designed with forwards in mind. They will offer additional ankle support for the occasions when you dig your feet in and get the scrum, or maul moving. Typically you can expect them to be eight studded with hard toe and cushioned ankle support.

The modern trend in Rugby Boots is towards the light sleek football style boot, these are ideal for backs but many forwards would like more support for their ankles when they are under extreme pressure whilst in the scrum.

Ankle Support Rugby Boots

To cater for the forwards there are a couple of mid cut and also some hi (high) cut boots. Which you choose is very much down to preference as either will support the ankle. We do recommend that you also seek a boot which is leather with reinforced uppers rather than synthetic as the leather boot tends to be more robust and so should last a little longer in the heat of the game.