Julian Savea’s Mystery Black-Out Boots!

We’ve noticed star All Black winger Julian Savea wearing an intriguing pair of boots in the Hurricanes’ first two Super XV outings this year, so intriguing in fact that we’re not a hundred percent sure what they are, and we need your help!

Savea is one of the brightest young stars in the game, and as such is an incredibly marketable asset for any brand to have in their stable, making it all the more interesting to see him wearing a pair of almost completely ‘blacked-out’ boots.

Julian Savea Mystery Boot

Although Savea donned the adidas RS7 IIIs during the All Blacks’ end of year tour to the UK he is a Nike man when not playing in the test arena, and we’re confident these ‘mystery boots’ are indeed a pair of Nikes.

Savea wore Nike Vapor Viiis in the ITM Cup last year, and the sole of these boots suggest that’s what these are. But his ‘Seaweed’ Vapors had bright yellow linings in them, whereas the boots he’s been wearing for the last fortnight have red linings, and a random red stripe left ‘un-blacked’out’.

Has Savea blacked these out himself for some reason? Are they are custom pair? Are they a new boot yet to be released? Let us know what you think is going on here!



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  1. Could be a pair of custom Nike Mercurial Vapor 9’s? Try the Nike Store to customise them, only thing missing is the little logo on his instep.

  2. could be Anthony, but we were wondering what the little red bits on the sides of his boots were and also the big NIKE logo is missing on the heel?

  3. Definitely Vapors, you can just make out the large nike tick on the instep on the 3rd smaller image…….either a custom pair or the clash collection blacked out.

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