adidas Kakari Regulate Boot Test & Review

Today we are reviewing the adidas’ Regulate Kakaris, the scaled-down version of the adidas adiPower Kakaris worn by internatinal forwards around the world including the All Blacks’ tight-five.

As far as first impressions go the Regulate Kakari made an instant impact. The wide fit made them extremely comfortable, while the focus on support around the ankles was immediately evident.
Designed specifically to meet the demands of tight-forwards these robust boots are made from durable synthetic “Bravo” leather, with ample protection and padding across the front of the foot to cope with the rigours of the rug and maul.

Optimal grip is ensures by the sturdy soleplate which boasts eight strategically positioned studs, two at the back and six at the front, while a welcome and thoughtful feature is an extra molded blade, positioned between the middle two studs , which enhances grip when scrummaging, increasing power and stability in the process.
The colourway, which saw bold orangey-red highlights on a classic black and white canvas, was contemporary enough to make them relevant in today’s marketplace whilst being traditional enough to suit the more conservative players who wear the low numbers, and the ability to utilise adidas’ miCoach technology is another handy extra which will benefit those who are serious about taking their game to the next level.

Despite being the ‘economy’ version of the Kakari the Regulate still features adidas’ miCoach technology, enabling players to monitor key performance indicators such as speed, distance, and intensity levels, providing invaluable feedback to those who are serious about their rugby. We tried to convince our forward to take part in some speed tests & drills, but as you can see he was more interested in flipping tyres and didn’t want to do any agility drills!
A big thanks to Tim who wore the Kakari in this video review, it was his last boot test for and he will be missed.

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