Rugby Boots for Children

It can be difficult to find the right boot for your child's rugby game. The key to finding the right boots for your kids is to look for products with Junior in the title. This means they have been designed with the smaller people's feet in mind. We'll break down some of the best here and which of their heroes are wearing them.

The good news is that like many proferssional players, kids can wear football boots for rugby, just ensure that the pair you get have a soft ground soleplate, this means they'll be suitable for muddy ground but also that you can adjust your child's studs as required to suit the games, using a firm ground pair with plastic studs can risk problems with the rugby law book.

Adidas All Blacks SG Junior Boots

If your child is aspiring to be like Mauro Itoje and Mako Vunipola and become the next face of Adidas Kakari, then the All Blacks SG Junior Boots are a great place to start. This Junior boot will surely take care of your child's foot safety and performance with its synthetic upper and textile lining all delivering proper fit and lightweight load. The soft-ground outsole is composed of 6 metal studs that provide the traction needed for his size.

Canterbury Junior Stampede 2.0 SG

The Junior Stampede is another fantastic boot for a young asipiring forward player. It has a 9mm heel raise to reduce lower limb stress and a locked in toe cage for additional protection from rogue feet. The studs have been limited to six, reducing significant weight but still providing traction and distributing pressure across the foot evenly.

Gilbert Kaizen 3.0 Power 8 Stud Junior

This junior boot is great for initiating your children to the traction provided by an 8-studded boot. Made from a super light yet durable PU upper, the Kaizen 3.0 Power Junior is guaranteed to provide protection without compromising agility. The Pro-GIL-FB footbed with heel raise ensures the child's underfoot is cushioned and makes the player ready for his sprints and scrums.

Adidas Malice Junior SG

For the player who realized his a kicker at a very young age, the Malice Junior has all the attributes for those penetrating kicks. The Malice Junior has an asymmetrical lacing for a wider striking surface and raised dots elements called Non Stop Grip on the forefoot for an improved ball control. The 6 stud outsole ensures that he can place his kicks well by having enough traction when he plants his feet.