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KooGa CS-5 Rugby Boots

KooGa CS-5 is the new updated version of the CS range and replaces the old CS-4 and CS-3 Rugby Boots. Each CS boot comes in three iterations; the MCHT Rugby Boot, the LCST and the junior, all are high performance boots with synthetic uppers. They come in a six or eight stud configuration and one moulded 13 stud depending on your preferences.

The difference between the LCST & the MCHT is the toe region, with the MCHT having more toe protection, making them more suitable to those who play in the front row.

Adult CS5 - Classic & Neuvo Styles

Kids sizes of the CS5

KooGa CS4 (2011 version)

The KooGa CS-5, 4 and 3 MCHT is a high performance boot with synthetic leather upper and internal pre-moulded heel counter. High tensile stitching gives the boot enhanced sole adhesion, to provide the optimum in fit contour and stability. The unique quilted stitched panels providing improved surface grip. A mid cut upper provides further support & cushioning to ankle and tough thermoplastic box protect toes. This boot has 8 Studs.

The KooGa Junior CS-5, CS-4 and CS-3 MCHT Boots are only available with six studs, but the KooGa CS-5, CS-4 and CS-3 LCST Boot come with the option of six or eight studs or a moulded sole that has thirteen.

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Kooga Classic Cs5 Lcst Kid's Rugby Boots Sg

Kooga Cs-3 Low Cut Soft Toe Rugby Boots [black]

Kooga Cs-3 Lcst Boot Uk8.5 8stud A2-02 Black/red
Kooga Nuevo Junior Cs-4 Mcht Boot Uk5.5 Black/cyan/white 6stud A008 Sole

Kooga Classic Cs5 Jrlcst Boot 6 Stud A008 Black White Uk 1

Kooga Cs5 Junior Mcht Boot 6 Stud A008 Sole Uk4 Blk/wht
Kooga Classic Cs5 Junior Lcst Boot Uk 3 Black/white 

Kooga 6 Stud Junior Cs-3 Lcst Boot Uk 3.5 Black Lime

Kooga Junior Cs-3 Lcst Boot Uk5, 6stud A008 Sole Black/red
Kooga Classic Cs5 Junior Mcht Boot Uk 3 6stud A008 Sole Black White