KooGa FTX Rugby Boots

The Kooga FTX rugby boot is one in the range of 6 manufactured by Kooga. The FTX comes in several iterations; FTX MCHT Rugby Boot, FTX LCHT, FTX LST. All are sold as high performance boots with synthetic uppers. They come in a six or eight stud configuration.

KooGa FTX Options

All KooGa rugby boots are of the highest quality for both playing and training.

The KooGa FTX MCHT is a high performance boot with synthetic upper. High tensile stitching gives the boot enhanced sole adhesion, to provide the optimum in fit contour and stability. This boot has an embossed and printed KooGa to heel counter and 6 studs.

KooGa FTX LCHT Rugby Boot 6 or 8 stud configuration options. Rigid thermoplastic box gives protection to your toes.

KooGa FTX LST Boot 6 or 8 stud configuration options.