Kooga Reveal Nuevo & Classic Boot Ranges

Kooga have two new ranges of rugby boots out in time for the Rugby World Cup and the new 2011/12 season. The range includes a new (Nuevo) and old (Classic) looking boot in their XPS, EVX and FTX ranges. Lets start by explaining a bit more about the Classic & Nuevo ranges.

Kooga Classic

The ‘Classic’ range encapsulates the classic and timeless style of rugby boots for the more traditional rugby player. Each uses a minimum of colours to create uncomplicated striking boots. The style runs right through Kooga’s different ranges of boots giving you the option of the design style no matter which fit, material or level of performance boot you desire.

Kooga Classic Rugby Boots

Kooga Nuevo

For those of you wanting to make a statement with your boots then the Nuevo range is for you. It uses modern counterparty design and colours to create iconic and striking boots. Whether it’s a splash of colour on a more classic boot design or a completely vibrant boot you crave, the Nuevo range has one to suite your preference.

Kooga Nuevo Rugby Boots

We’ll take a look at the specific new boots individually in our next articles.

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