2011 KooGa XPS LCST Rugby Boots Review

Following on from our report on the KooGa XPS LCST Rugby Boots that James Saunders agreed to test for us. We just wanted to let all our readers know that he is part of the Gold Group at Basingstoke Rugby Football Club who play in Hampshire, England in the English London League One-South. A backrow forward as a Gold Group player James is a key part of the club’s 1st team squad.

We gave him a pair of KooGa XPS LCST Boots to trial and now after a month we asked him some questions about the boots. Here is what James had to say about them.

XPS LCST Boots Review

Coming out of the box the boots looked great, a classic design, wide base and elastic lace cover. The stud positioning is very good so should evenly distribute load across the whole foot.

First comment to make when putting the boots on is that they are very comfortable with excellent support across whole foot, I noticed the effect of the newly designed sole instantly as it cushions the foot whilst also providing added stability. The boots had an extra set of holes so that they could be laced all the way up to the ankle which provided even more support and stability.

Once I had them on the stud positioning is good – they are spread wide across the boot and evenly distribute weight throughout the foot meaning they are as comfortable as possible. They provide excellent support and are flexible enough to enable me to exert maximum pressure in both scrums and mauls, also the positioning of the studs meant that I got maximum contact with the ground.

The KooGa XPS LCST boots are lighter and more flexible than previous boots I am used to, the best compliment that I can give them is that whilst immersed in the action I did not notice them holding me back at all. At the end of the game the boots felt absolutely fine, just slightly softer than at the beginning.

I wouldn’t change anything about the XPS LCST boots, I’m very pleased with them!

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