Le Coq Sportif Favourite 2 Deluxe Rugby Boots

Le Coq Sportif Favourite 2 Deluxe Rugby Boots in White/Red.

Le Coq Sportif Favourite 2 Rugby Boots

Le Coq Sportif Favourite 2 Deluxe Rugby Boots are one of the lesser known boots that are now making a name for themselves on rugby fields around the world. The company which is French have been sports manufacturers for some time, but we did not know about their boots. Le Coq Sportif Favourite 2 Deluxe Rugby Boots come in either white/red or gun metal and have a reputation for being lighter than the opposition but robust.

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This new model from Le Coq Sportif, the French brand has taken the quality of rugby boots to a different level with their Pebax Polymer technology that is designed for the top professionals such as Frederic Michalec. Pebax® was chosen as the main material for the design of the outer sole of its rugby boots, as it is the only polymer capable of affording light weight. This makes their boot 10-20% lighter than those made from traditional materials.

The Boots are ideal whatever the conditions of play may be as they have major impact resistance and comfort, . The low density helps produce a lightweight and dynamic shoe, while retaining excellent support for the foot. Thanks to an optimized capacity for energy recovery, the player benefits from an outstanding propulsion effect every time the foot hits the ground. This applies particularly well when being used by forwards in the scrum when the Pebax® outer sole which is extremely tough, provides enhanced support and therefore stability for the player. It also offers outstanding resistance to repeated bending and twisting, and to general wear and tear.

Comfort – Pebax® absorbs impact and vibrations, which heightens the feeling of comfort. The reduced thickness of the sole (20% thinner than with a traditional material) also increases the feeling of suppleness.

Key Points

* Pebax® Polymer
* Light weight and durable
* 20% thinner soles
* 10-20% lighter
* High resistance to wear & tear

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