Locks Boots

The 'tall timber' in any rugby side, the locks are burdened with the task of winning the ball at lineout time and kickoffs. While height is a pre-requisite these players must also be strong, agile and coordinated, with sound ball skills and the ability to make an impact in the contact area.

Best Boots For Locks

Adidas Kakari Z.0 SG

Easily breaking into any list of forward boots, the Adidas Kakari Z.0 SG covers pretty much any demands you might have from a rugby boot if you are a tight five player.

Asics Lethal Testimonial 4 IT L.E.

Asics integrates a multitude of technologies to make the Lethal Testimonial one of the most comfortable boots from scrum players. It uses its GEL technology for a shock-absorbing cushioning and Flytefoam midsole for a sprint-boosting energy return, all of which are complement by the 10mm Heel Gradient raise.

Mizuno Waitangi PS

The Mizuno Waitangi PS brings in a different approach to the concept of soft yet durable upper for a forward boot with its use of a synthetic Primeskin upper. The boot has a standard 8 metal stud configuration and has a graded Pebax soleplate, shedding as much weight as possible but still giving the forward player the traction that he deserves.

Gilbert Kaizen X 1.1 Power

From the upper up to the studs, this Kaizen boot is all about bringing the best while also being innovative. The hollow pro-tip studs are hollow to reduce weight without reducing the traction and stability of the entire Bio-frame outsole. The upper is equally versatile, with a Hydro-R grade A premium natural leather and Nano-honeycomb PU heel section bonded together by a heat weld cradle.

The Lock who is also called a Second Row (2nd row) is the powerhouse of the scrum and as the name implies locks the front row of props and hooker tightly together. Locks are usually the bigger guys on the field using leg drive to push the scrum forward and being athletic jumping in the lineout to secure the ball, or from the restarts to catch the kick-off. Locks as big guys are used in the open to run the ball up in contact and as such need to able to run with the ball in hand and protect it.

As much as second-rowers are picked because of their ability to jump and catch, they also play a vital role in the scrums, pushing behind the Props and having a huge influence on the power their forward pack can produce. To that end, Locks require boots which provide superior traction, not only for explosively leaping from the ground to snare a throw but also for engaging in the grunt work in the scrum. As with the Props, the Lock needs a boot that is strong to withstand the forces of pushing in the scrum as well as driving off the ground when jumping in the line-out or to catch a kick-off. The boot also needs to give good ankle support.