Mizuno Alpha Rugby Boots

You can’t go wrong with going for Mizuno for a pair of leather boots. But what if you prefer synthetics? No worries! Mizuno got you covered with their Alpha silo. Is Mizuno able to transfer their genius in crafting leather boots to non-leather ones? Let’s see it on this page…

Morelia Alpha Made in Japan Rugby Boots

engineered fit upper

5-layer structure for speed. Achieving a soft fit while also being lightweight.    


zeroglide mesh

Made of lightweight non-slip mesh material. Reduces misalignment during play and improves fitting.

 nylon x tpu resin outsole with enerzy foam and karvo rs insert

Uses an insole material with high bending resilience and rigidity. Reduces energy loss and contributes to sprinting.



The Mizuno Alpha is jam-packed with a variety of components that synergise well to create a functional whole. The Engineered Fit upper is a composite of liners, spongey frame, woven material and PU overlay. The same can be said of the outsole. The Nylon x TPU Resin outsole carries the proprietary Enerzy foam cushion supporting the ball of the foot, while KaRVO RS insert covers the rest. Now covering the underside of the tongue, heel liner and insole is Mizuno’s non-slip Zeroglide mesh that intends to eliminate internal slippage. 

Mizuno stopped short of completely diving into unchartered territory by not opting for a laceless construction. The Alpha has the more familiar u-throat construction with tongue and laces. 

the mizuno Alpha is for me because…

it has one of the most locked-in sensation in any rugby boot out there. Assuming that your feet is also somewhere just a shade above the medium width, the laces, Zeroglide mesh, and the give on the Engineered Fit upper all combine for a boot that stays secure on your feet. It also helps greatly that the boot has the u-throat construction, allowing one to open up the boot as much as need to ensure optimal upper wrap is attained. 

As a speed boot, the Alpha does tick the boxes of being lightweight and responsive. Because of that secure fit and the snap from the outsole, there is significant less energy loss during movements (and perhaps even a gain of energy return). As a Mizuno product, the Alpha also has the benefit of durability. An openside flanker, one who needs to have a combination of speed and power to become the team’s main tacklers, can benefit from the overall package of the Alpha. 

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