Mizuno Morelia Neo Rugby Boots

From the term itself, Morelia Neo is Mizuno’s attempt to adapt its classic, longstanding silo to the needs of the modern game. With its Neo form, the Morelia carries on its core DNA while also going quicker, faster with its build and form. The silo is now on its 4th generation and is available in Beta and regular versions. Did the Neo strike a fine balance to mark a place among great rugby boots?

Morelia Neo IV Made in Japan Rugby Boots

for boot structure and lockdown



adaptive fit with sideway stretch; also runs to the edges of the opening


nylon x tpu resin outsole with internal honeycomb structure
Moulded Stud Version: For better condition grass pitches and firmer ground


The Morelia Neo 4 Beta would not be a Mizuno boot without the K-leather upper. The plush leather on the forefoot remains one, if not the most premium feeling in the market. It is comfortably soft but still structured enough to be responsive due to the double stitching pattern. The volume on the toe box is noticeably increased compared to the previous beta models, surprisingly enhancing the barefoot feel as it addresses the effects of leather overstretching.

One of the significant changes applied on this latest Beta boots is the one-piece upper construction that streamlines the boot-foot connection and takes away any pressure points. Accompanying this new upper construction is the integration of Barefoot Knit, a first for Mizuno in using knit for their boots. The Barefoot Knit is most noticeable on the tongue and low cut collar, as the midfoot is layered with a Beta Mesh material which provide a structural reinforcement. The Beta Mesh material is soft enough though to flow seamlessly with the midfoot base material and does not in any way cause any stiffness and pressure points. Despite the difference of material between the midfoot and forefoot, the upper experience is pretty seamless because of the liner backing up the two. 

Despite the increased in volume, the Morelia Neo 4 Beta still maintains its speed boot slim profile to make sure that the wearer’s foot is properly strapped in, with stability being provided by an external heel counter. The forefoot of the soleplate flexes well and the midfoot is rigid and stable because of the internal honeycomb structure overlay. 

I like the mizuno morelia neo beta iv because…

I like the plushness of that leather against my feet, contributing to the overall comfort of the boot. My feet is just average-sized width-wise and is perfect to the one-piece upper construction and shape of the Beta IV. I also like the fact that it has that modern speed boot identity despite being leather-based. Lockdown and fit are something that I also prioritise in a pair, and that’s exactly what the Beta IV has both in abundance.

With the brand’s 24-hour lasting process and meticulous hand craftsmanship, the Morelia Beta is one of the most durable rugby boots out there. I have the confidence that it will outlast the demanding conditions of forward battles, while its speed boot-like qualities make it a great option as well for back players


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