Mizuno Waitangi Rugby Boots

Mizuno has not forgotten the forwards of rugby and with them in mind, the Japanese sportswear manufacturer has created the Waitangi PS. If you are one of those usually involve the scrummages and would like to feel the premium leather feel on feet, the Waitangi PS is there to both cater to your power play needs while also making sure you are comfortable while resting your feet on the Mizunos. The Waitangi PS replaces the legendary Mizuno Timaru and is guaranteed to provide the same, if not better boot service.

Key Points for Waitangi PS

If your feet have become so wide and muscular due to constant training and scrummaging, then the Waitangi PS is a perfect match for you as it is sized using a Wide last. Mizuno calls the Waitangi's upper 'Primeskin' that is designed to be durable and supportive for stability and given the company's reputation, those said attributes can be expected to be such the case.

The midfoot where the Runbird logo is positioned has a sword stroke graphic print based on the Japanese calligraphy.

Forwards would very much find stability in the Waitangi PS with its 6x2 aluminium stud configuration, sitting on a graded Pebax soleplate that provides the needed flexibility on the forefoot in executing a scrum grind and push.