Mizuno Rugby Boots

Below you will find the most popular types of Mizuno boots that are worn for Rugby. Click on a boot to see more about that particular type and the products that are available and reviews of its performance.

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The Beginnings of Mizuno

Mizuno was founded in 1906, in Osaka Japan by Rihachi Mizuno and his younger brother Rizo as Mizuno Brothers Ltd, a shop selling western sporting merchandise. The business grew and moved into manufacturing predominantly in the popular sport of baseball. Gradually they branched out, first into golf, then skiing, and up to this day most sports.

Mizuno thus is a major Japanese sports goods supplier who has Rugby Boots as one of their product ranges. Hence they develop the rugby product in tandem with football boots and general running shoes so that even though the product development is extensive it is not limited to Rugby specialisation.

Mizuno is highly regarded in terms of leather boots. It is said that Mizuno glues their boots twice plus another glue insertion via syringe. While other makers would last their boots’ upper for 20 minutes, Mizuno lasts theirs for 24 hours to make sure that the boots take their forms. And while other manufacturers have opted for efficiency by having machine-made uppers, Mizuno uppers are hand-made using traditional sewing.

Official Sponsorships

Mizuno is the kit supplier of the national rugby union team of Tonga. The Oaks, Romania’s national rugby union team and considered to be one of the strongest European sides outside of Six Nations, was sponsored by Mizuno up until last year before getting replaced by Tall Ball.

The all-time leading try-scorer in Rugby Sevens history, Dan Norton, wears Mizuno boots.

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